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York Craft Trail

The York Craft Trail is a FREE mini Treasure Trail exclusively for visitors to the Yorkshire Craft Festival in York from 12th - 19th October 2023! Find our Yorkshire Trails stand on Parliament Street between 10am and 5pm to pick up your Trail and have an adventure! Return here to check your answers.

Done the Trail?

If you haven't completed your York Craft Trail yet, STOP READING!

Below is a spoiler alert with all the answers!

Check your answer:

Have you solved all 11 clues? If so, you will have eliminated 11 of the 12 suspects. But have you got the right culprit! Artie Sands certainly doesn't want to go accusing the wrong person, so let's hope you're right...


Who is the fake craftsperson? Click on their mugshot to have Artie Sands accuse them...

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