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Neil & Jane


"I love exploring Yorkshire and creating trails to show it off! "

Jane Harvey - Yorkshire Trails

Yorkshire Trails are the leading trail writers in Yorkshire.


As Treasure Trails Partners we use our expertise as Authorised Trail Writers to write and manage the ever popular Treasure Trails across the whole county.


With backgrounds in teaching, IT and customer service, coupled with our obsession for detail and great design, we ensure that our schools and business projects are completed to the highest standards.


Living and working in Yorkshire, we use our local knowledge and love of treasure hunts and puzzles to create outdoor and indoor adventures to intrigue and delight all who do them!


Get in touch today to find out what Yorkshire Trails can do for you.

Who's behind Yorkshire Trails?

Jane runs Yorkshire Trails and Cumbria Trails, along with her partner Neil, as a Treasure Trails Partner in the North Yorkshire, Cumbria and Teesside. She also works closely with Chris & Tamsyn (Treasure Trails Partners in York & Humber). So, wherever in Yorkshire you want to explore, whether it's a Treasure Trail for a day out, an activity for 20 or a team building event for 200, get in touch - we're here to help!

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