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Team Building with Yorkshire Trails - Feedback

Managed Activities

"Thanks very much to you and your team for your input and organisation of the event.  Everyone remarked after how much they enjoyed it despite all the walking!  It certainly helped with some key working relationships in the teams and I’m happy that everyone felt it was a worthwhile exercise. My colleagues are still talking about how much they enjoyed the afternoon."
Frances Salter, Morrisons PLC, York Spy Mission

"Thanks for the pictures, I have circulated them and there is lots of chuckling going on! I have had nothing but good feedback about the day. We are quite a mixed group in terms of interests/hobbies, but every single person enjoyed it. There really was something for everyone. The collaborative aspect added another dimension to it, and meant that there was much more communication between teams than there would have been if it had been purely competitive. The purpose of the event was to team build, so the more communication the better, from that point of view. The humour of the event was also pitched just right, it was light and fun and put people at ease; there was nothing embarrassing or at anyone’s expense.
I think all the participants would recommend you, and I know some have been looking at your website to see what else you do.
I don’t think we could have asked for more."
Sally Cook, Skipton Building Society, CSI:Skipton

"Just to say that we are hearing some very positive feedback this a.m. Even a big thank you from one of the men! All have said how much they enjoyed it.
So well done to you both, your motivational skills are first class !! I feel we achieved our aims. I will highly recommend you."
Angela, Organiser, Age UK, CSI Scarborough

"Thank you for arranging the afternoon for us, it was exactly what we wanted and enjoyed by all. The event ticked all of our boxes and exceeded our expectations in how the team would be involved in this."
Gemma, Organiser, Mutual One. Spy Mission Skipton

"I really enjoyed the day. The clues made you think, it was more than just `what does the sticker on the lamppost say` and got everyone working together."
Participant, Mutual One, Spy Mission Skipton

“I thought the Treasure Trail was fantastic! The session was well planned and I really enjoyed discovering facts and features about Skipton that I had never noticed before. The additional activities in the booklet and the tower building competition were great fun too. The session helped us to bond well together as a team and was a great way of boosting team morale”
Participant, Mutual One, Spy Mission Skipton

"Thanks for yesterday it was a great success and everyone really enjoyed themselves. The trail was excellent and it met everything we were looking for and the morning skills mapping got good feedback from the teams so thanks again."
Chris, Organiser / Participant, Foundation, Treasure Hunt Challenge Richmond

"I just want to say another big thank you on behalf of my team. The trail was great fun and everyone had a lovely time!"
Liz, Organiser / Participant,  Skipton Building Society, Spy Mission Skipton


Self-run Activities

"The event was amazing !!
I had no idea it would be that good when we booked it!
The guests loved it so much.
We will certainly be using you again if we were to entertain in the city again."
Helen Shepherd, Saxon Hotels Ltd, Sheffield Tailor-Made 'Cultural Familiarisation' Trail 

"It was fantastic.  The team loved it and we got everything correct.  A really nice way of seeing a bit more of Harrogate and using our brains."
Nicki Daw, Vets Now, CSI: Harrogate Self-Run Scatter Activity (one team)

"It went really well thanks, everyone enjoyed it.  It took a little less time than we thought, I think c. 2.5 hours, everyone had pretty much everything correct, everyone managed to solve the mystery in that time.  Even though everyone scored the same pretty much we still managed to differentiate based on the quality of the disguises purchased and the creativity of the photos.

The packs prepared were great and made life easy from an organiser’s perspective.  When I’ve done something similar before it was either all electronic or we had to print out our own packs.

So yes, we all thought it was excellent and would have no hesitation in recommending Yorkshire Trails, or using you again for another event."
Alison Smith, Yorkshire Building Society, CSI:Harrogate Self-Run Scatter Activity


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