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The Missing Stash

Congratulations! That's the correct answer!

Here's what happened to the missing 14th barrel...

The Mystery of the Missing Stash

That night, a young sailor named Jacob Robinson was walking home from the Fisherman's Arms. He'd had a few beers so was a little tipsy. As he was walking up the hill, he saw something hurtling towards him. It was a barrel rolling downhill at incredible speed making a right racket on the cobbles as it went!


Now most people, on seeing such a thing, would jump out of the way to avoid being knocked over. But Master Robinson was young, and either brave or foolish! He stood his ground, intending to stop the barrel in its tracks. But OOMPH! It hit him and carried on rolling, taking poor Jacob with it all the way to the bottom of the slipway!


Don't be feeling sorry for young Jacob mind. He picked himself up, picked up the barrel and carried it all the way to the top of the hill, asking folk he passed if they'd let a barrel loose. No one owned up to it so when he arrived home, not only did he have several bruises, but he had also gained a barrel full of contraband!


So, what was in this barrel that came into Jacob Robinson's possession?


Well, he kept it a secret for many years! He didn't want the smugglers to find out that it was him who had taken their smuggled goods!


However, as well as leaving the picture clues you have solved, he also left an extra clue in his diary in the form of a poem. Study the poem carefully to reveal the contents of the 14th barrel!


The Wind - by Jacob Robinson


    Breezy makes the sea so rough

    Rowing out is mighty tough

    Always blowing, making waves

    Never calm, just misbehaves

    Do not try to fight a gust

    You'll end up on the rocks as dust!

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