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Sleuthing in Sheffield

We always check the weather forecast before heading off to a meeting, and luckily, our meeting in Sheffield coincided with a gloriously sunny day. For us that means a great opportunity for a good explore to discover new things, makes some notes without the notebook getting wet, and take some great snaps with blue skies!

We already have a trail around the very heart of Sheffield. It's one we wrote for Treasure Trails; Sheffield - Heart of the City. However, Sheffield is a big old place with lots to offer, so today we decided to scout out the possible of a second Treasure Trail focusing on the Cathedral Quarter and Sheffield's industrial heritgate.

Check out our photos below for some sneak peeks of some industrial heritage remnants on Kelham Island, a waterside sculpture in Victoria Quays, the oldest pub in Sheffield (The Old Queens Head), and muffin the mule - ("Yes! Muffin the Mule!!") tucked away in Atkinsons. We even found a corner of paradise - check it out here!

Stats for the day:

Steps = 15,881

Kms walked = 10.8

Potential clues noted = LOADS!

Number of times we got asked if we were lost = 3

So when will the new Trail be ready?

Well, with lots of roadworks, rennovations and tram line extensions going on in parts, we've parked this one for now! But look out for a new Sheffield Industrial Heritage Treasure Trail coming in 2020! If you can't wait until then, you can still explore the Heart of the City - try the Treasure Trail or get in touch for team building or group challenge ideas!

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